What Makes Oat Milk The Best Plant-Based Milk

What Makes Oat Milk The Best Plant-Based Milk

Oat milk has become popular as a non-dairy substitute for regular milk. What makes MYOM Original Oat Drink Blend stand out from other ready-made oat milk in cartons is its super creamy texture and taste, coupled with the convenience of making what you need when you need it. MYOM works great instead of regular milk and oat milk brands, whether you're whipping up a cup of coffee or baking something yummy.

On top of being full of nutritional goodness, MYOM oat milk is also one of the most eco-friendly milk options out there. As an oat milk premix, it shrinks the carbon footprint of transportation by up to 90% by adding water at home rather than transporting a pre-made plant-based milk. By choosing MYOM, you help reduce your environmental impact. Between the nutritional benefits, green credentials, and the fact it can totally replace cow's milk whether you're baking cookies or pouring a glass for breakfast, MYOM oat milk pretty much wins top marks as the best non-dairy milk available right now.

Let's explore what makes MYOM oat milk the top choice among other plant-based milks.

Key Takeaways

  • MYOM Original Oat Drink Blend stands out as a creamy, nutritious, and eco-friendly oat milk premix packed with nutrients. By adding water at home, MYOM reduces emissions associated with transportation and distribution.
  • MYOM oat milk is versatile in cooking and baking, offering a smooth consistency and natural sweetness while being fortified with essential nutrients and allowing control over texture and creaminess.
  • MYOM oat milk offers a healthy, plant-based alternative to cow's milk with comparable nutritional content, fewer environmental impacts, and caters to various dietary needs and preferences.

Benefits of Oat Milk

One major reason oat milk has blown up in the UK is the awesome health perks it delivers. Oats pack a type of soluble fibre called beta-glucan, which research shows can help lower cholesterol and keep blood sugar in check. Oats and oat milk also supply other nutrients like folate, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc.

Compared to some other plant-based milks like almond or coconut, oat milk wins big time when it comes to sustainable production. Growing oats uses way less water and land compared to nuts and coconuts. That makes oat milk one of the most eco-friendly milk substitutions you can choose. And unlike dairy milk, the protein in oat milk comes entirely from plants, making it perfect for vegan or vegetarian lifestyles.

But still, there are significant emissions connected to adding water to the oats, creating the cartons for the drink and distributing the product to other areas.

What makes MYOM special is that we took the word “sustainable” to an entirely new level. When creating our Original Oat Drink Blend, we left the water out of the process. So, once you get your hands on the tasty oat milk premix, you only need to squeeze it into a bottle and add water from your tap. With such a simple change in the process, we managed to cut the CO2 emissions by up to 90% compared to other plant-based milks.

At MYOM, we also take the natural benefits of oats up a notch by boosting the vitamin content with added nutrients like calcium, vitamin D or vitamin B12, ensuring you get even more nutritional value. When weighing your milk options, oat milk checks many boxes by delivering fibre, vitamins and minerals in a sustainable format that other plant-based milks can’t match.

Common Uses of Oat Milk in the UK

Our oat milk premix can easily become your pantry staple thanks to its incredible versatility. Its mildly sweet taste and smooth, creamy consistency make it the perfect addition to endless sweet and savoury dishes and beverages. Whether whipping up a weekday breakfast, fuelling up before a workout, or trying a new recipe, oat milk delivers nutrition, flavour, and sustainability.

Hot Drinks and Beverages

The rise of oat milk coming from cafés is intrinsically linked with the boom in UK oat milk sales. Non-dairy milk alternatives allow more consumers to enjoy their hot drink of choice, regardless of dietary restrictions. Our Original Oat Drink Blend stands out for its frothing abilities, making it a favourite for hot coffee and tea.

Enriched with calcium, vitamin D, vitamin B12, and iodine, MYOM oat milk premix surpasses many plant-based options with substantial added nutrition to support your health goals alongside your morning brew. The natural sweetness also eliminates the need for extra-flavoured syrups or sugars. For those avoiding dairy due to lactose intolerance or seeking more ethically sourced milk, MYOM allows the enjoyment of lattés, hot chocolates, and steamers without compromising on taste, nutrition, or ethics.

Cooking and Baking Recipes

Oat milk has secured popularity not just at your local café but now at the heart of home kitchens thanks to its adaptable flavour and texture. Our oozy premix brings a smooth, full-bodied consistency with a subtle sweetness that lifts but doesn’t overpower recipes. Stir it into your next hearty pasta sauce for a dairy-free creamy base. Blend it into soups, smoothies or overnight oats for natural enhancement of flavour and nutrition. And because how much water you add to the premix is in your hands, you have full control over the texture and creaminess of your oat milk.

You can enjoy thick and fluffy pancake stacks along with your morning coffee, fuelling your day with sustainable plant nutrition. Even for seasoned bakers, the oat milk you get by adding water to MYOM guarantees reliable results since it won’t separate out during the mixing process. So whether you’re looking to replace eggs, thicken up batters, or make vegan swaps in old family favourites, MYOM oat milk premix brings comfort and versatility into your kitchen.

Dairy Alternatives for Breakfast Foods

Mornings are often rushed, so a simple and nutritious breakfast is key. Oat milk has emerged as an accessible dairy-free alternative to simplify morning meal prep while boosting nutritional content. Thanks to MYOM’s extended shelf life, keeping the premix stocked in your pantry (watch out for the expiration date) or storing the finished milk in a clean bottle in your refrigerator for up to 5 days eliminates the daily hassle of making homemade versions. The inherent sweetness and creaminess of our oat milk premix add tasty plant-based nutrition to any breakfast cereal, smoothie, or overnight oats.

For those avoiding dairy due to lactose intolerance or allergies, oat milk makes cutting out animal products from your diet seamless. When selecting oat milk like MYOM's Original Oat Drink, check the label to ensure essential vitamins and minerals like vitamin D, vitamin B12, iodine and calcium are added to match dairy milk’s level. This fortification closes any nutritional gaps. Easy, nutritious and delicious - oat milk empowers anyone to make the most of their busy mornings.

Plant-Based Alternatives for Soups, Sauces, and Dressings

The mild flavour and velvety texture of the oat milk you get with our premix make it a versatile base for plant-based recipes beyond breakfast dishes. Using a minimally processed oat milk ensures home chefs can elevate everyday soups, sauces, and dressings for health-conscious family meals.

For example, MYOM can be blended into creamy potato leek soup or used to deglaze a pan for a dairy-free mushroom gravy. Its subtle, neutral taste won’t overpower vegetable-forward dishes while still lending a rich, smooth consistency. It can also be drizzled over salad mix-ins for an easy dressing or whisked into the next bean or grain bowl recipe in place of yoghurt.

When selecting an oat milk variety, consider MYOM, fortified with nutrients like calcium, plus vitamins D and B12 to gain additional nutritional value. Beyond any brand benefits, preparing savoury dishes with oat milk allows you to reduce your carbon footprint through small, everyday cooking tweaks.

Nutritional Value of Oat Milk in the UK

With increased information about ingredients and additives in our food, UK consumers have understandably become more discerning in their dairy choices. The natural sugar content, sustainability efforts, and nutritional enrichment all come into play when evaluating the dairy alternatives on market shelves - and oat milk checks all the right boxes.

Calories and Fat Content Information

Comparing typical oat milk nutrition facts to cow milk reveals a fairly aligned calorie and fat content between the two. Per 100 ml, semi-skimmed cow milk provides around 46 calories and 2 grams of fat, while MYOM has only 34 calories and 1.4 grams of fat per 100 ml. Some consumers specifically seek lower calorie and leaner non-dairy alternatives, but those wanting a closer substitute to traditional milk can turn to oat milk for the closest match.

Source of Fibre

One major advantage of the MYOM oat milk premix over its dairy counterpart is its high fibre content, with 0.5 grams per 100 ml. Since fibre is an indigestible carbohydrate, it provides very few actual calories while still promoting satiety and healthy digestion. The type of soluble fibre in oats, called beta-glucan fibre, has been linked to improved cholesterol levels and blood sugar regulation.

Compared to only trace amounts found in animal milk, the fibre payload sets oat milk nutritionally apart and explains why it keeps consumers feeling fuller longer.

Whether seeking to manage weight, control blood glucose, lower cholesterol or simply improve regularity, the fibre story behind oat milk makes it a nutritional frontrunner among milk options.

Taste and Texture of Oat Milk in the UK

Oat milk has become a popular plant-based milk substitute for several reasons. Firstly, it has a delightfully creamy, milky texture that works well in both beverages like coffee and baked goods. Our Original Oat Drink Blend offers an extra-nutritious spin on traditional oat milk with added fibre for digestive health, beta-glucan to help control cholesterol, and wheat-free plant-based protein for an extra nutrition boost. The smooth, milky texture makes oat milk a tasty stand-in for cow's milk, whether you're whipping up a hot chocolate or baking cookies.

Is Oat Milk Good for You?

MYOM’s premix delivers a nutritional advantage over dairy while avoiding some pitfalls of other plant milks, positioning it as a healthy option for most. With the difference in calorie and fat content to cow’s milk, MYOM also provides an aligned nutritional profile without the saturated fat or hormones found in animal dairy.

From an environmental perspective, the oat milk you get with MYOM also reigns supreme by requiring less water and less land than almond milk production. And because we don’t add in the water during the manufacturing process and let you do that at home, MYOM is kinder to the planet than any other oat milk you could find on the shelves of your local supermarket. The rich texture and balanced nutritional makeup of MYOM’s oat milk premix make it a sensible option for everyday enjoyment.

Is Oat Milk Better than Cow’s Milk?

When it comes to nutritional content, oat milk holds its own against cow’s milk fairly well. Thanks to added enrichment, many oat milks match cow’s milk in calcium, vitamin D and vitamin A while providing bonus phytonutrients (natural compounds found in plants that contribute to overall health). Protein content is lower in MYOM’s oat milk premix, with around 0.4 grams per 100 ml versus 3.3 grams in dairy milk.

However, combining our oat milk premix with other plant proteins can help meet the needs of those avoiding animal products. Both score similarly in carbohydrates and fat. Taste and texture preferences are subjective, but oat milk’s creamy, mildly sweet profile makes it versatile for both cooking and drinking. From an environmental perspective, MYOM’s production emits fewer greenhouse gases and uses significantly fewer resources than traditional dairy milk.

For those with lactose sensitivity or seeking more sustainable options, MYOM’s Original Oat Drink Blend offers comparable nutrition with fewer drawbacks. As with any change, moderation and balanced diets are key when shifting milk preferences.

What Should You Look for in Oat Milk?

With the influx of available oat milk options, knowing what to look for allows consumers to cut through labelling claims to find their perfect product match. Check that the ingredients list whole grain oats as the first ingredient, avoiding unnecessary gums or fillers. Seek unsweetened or low-sugar varieties; flavours and sweeteners can always be added back as desired. Ensure the vitamin and mineral profile includes enriched calcium, vitamins D, B12 and sometimes A for bone health and nutrient balance. Aim for at least 3 grams of protein per cup as well.

Evaluating nutritional panels helps guarantee that additions like salt, oil or soy are within reasonable limits and align with personal dietary needs. Those adhering to strict gluten-free or vegan diets should verify that certified oats and vegetable-based enzymes are used as well. Prioritising authentic oat-based options nurtures nutrition goals without excess processing or add-ins.

How to Choose Oat Milk in the UK

When walking the dairy aisle seeking an oat milk match, the options may initially seem overwhelming, with nutritional claims jumping out in every direction. Just remember - with a little savviness, you can cut straight through to find your perfect fit based on planned use and dietary needs.

Choosing the Right Oat Milk for Hot Beverages and Baking

If you’re seeking oat milk for mixing into hot drinks or baking, opt for barista-style varieties labelled for foamability. The added fat content allows for creamy emulsification in coffee while also improving lift and structure in baked goods over low-fat options. Acidity regulators help these oat milks steam up without curdling, too.

For those focused strictly on hot beverages, stick to unsweetened for control over customised flavour. But when baking treats where subtle sweetness is welcome, a hint of natural sweetness can allow cutting back on added sugars. Just check labels, as some “original” flavours still contain 7g of sugar or more per cup. Prioritising UK-sourced oats also nourishes local economies.

And if you’re looking for an oat milk that ticks all the boxes from nutrition to its ability to froth, MYOM is the right choice for you. Our oat milk premix is fortified with calcium and vitamins D3 and B12, so you’ll be able to hit your daily nutrition targets and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee at the same time.

Boost Your Plant-Based Journey With MYOM

If embracing more plant-based foods and drinks feels aligned with your health and sustainability goals but seems intimidating to implement, allow MYOM to ease the transition. With its simple ingredients and minimal processing preserving oats’ nutritional integrity, our oat milk premix removes the complications of making homemade oat milk so you can focus on enjoying easy recipes and more conscious eating.

Are you a retailer who'd like to work with us or want to buy our product and have questions? Get in touch with our team today!

The path towards more ethical, nutritious food doesn’t have to be extreme or perfect – with allies like MYOM oat milk, simply begin where you are.


Is oat milk healthy in the UK?

Yes, oat milk is considered a healthy option in the UK due to its excellent nutritional profile, including protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals matched to cow’s milk through fortification. Moderate calorie count and fat content also align closely with dairy milk. Just opt for unsweetened varieties.

Is oat milk actually better for you?

With comparable nutrition and fewer drawbacks than dairy milk, oat milk can suit more individuals’ needs and goals. The fibre, vitamins and minerals make it highly nutritious, while the absence of lactose, hormones and less saturated fat benefits certain diets. From a sustainability viewpoint, oat milk production emits fewer greenhouse gases as well.

Is oat milk better than almond milk?

From both a nutritional and environmental standpoint, oat milk edges out almond milk thanks to its fibre, protein and more efficient water usage. It wins for those with nut allergies or those seeking lower-calorie options. Assess individual needs and sustainability aims when choosing.

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