The Best Oat Milk for Coffee & Tea - MYOMs Plant-Based Perfection

The Best Oat Milk for Coffee & Tea - MYOMs Plant-Based Perfection

The Mighty Oat Milk!

In a world filled with dairy alternatives, oat milk has emerged as a superstar. Discover why oat milk has taken the UK market by storm and the challenge of finding the perfect oat milk for your teas and coffees.

leading the way for oat milk lovers

With its rich and creamy taste and natural mild hint of sweetness, oat milk has become the favourite plant milk for adding to and enhancing tea and coffee and other hot drinks. Not only does it taste great but its vegan friendly, suitable for dairy sensitive, lactose intolerant and nut allergic individuals making it a super easy and versatile use for everyday use. 

Non-dairy milks are much better for the environment than cow's milk; using less land, less water and generating lower amounts of greenhouse gases. Oat milk typically uses the least water when compared to other plant milks. 

Oat milk wins nutritionally by having a healthier fat profile, and less saturated fat per 100ml vs whole cow’s milk. This, alongside being cholesterol free, makes it a good choice for general health and weight management if that’s your focus. 

The MYOM difference

MYOM is an oat milk premix that offers a delicious and nutritious alternative to traditional dairy milk and other plant-based alternatives in cartons. A first of its kind, MYOM tastes heavenly is good for us. Like other oat milks, MYOM Original Oat is free-from dairy and is lactose free. MYOM is lower in calories, fat and carbs than semi-skimmed dairy milk. MYOM has no added sugars and is lower in sugar than other leading oat milk brands in cartons.

Oat milk in cartons is 90% water, meaning more packaging, more weight and more energy and emissions to get your oat milk home. Doesn’t sound great, does it? We don’t add that water in the first place. There’s no need. By adding water at home, we remove weight, save emissions and waste.

Tired of getting to the fridge and finding someone else finished the milk? MYOM is made fresh when you need it to be. The pouches can be stored in the cupboard or popped in a bag to take with you. Just add water and chill in the fridge afterwards to be there just when you need it.

What makes oat milk great for coffee drinks?

Coffee lovers know oat milk froths easily and will be excited to try MYOM Original Oat because it performs beautifully. Smooth and creamy when steamed and a fabulous froth when made up in a blender. Perfect for your favourite flat white or cappuccino.   

MYOM Original Oat is rich and silky, with a mouthfeel that is close to semi-skimmed dairy milk. Naturally low in sugar, nevertheless MYOM’s subtle sweetness balances the bitter notes in coffee and works equally well when paired with complex or fruitier blends.

MYOM barista version is on the way. Sign up HERE for news and updates.

And what about tea drinkers? 

MYOM has a subtle, relatively neutral mild taste compared to some oat, almond and coconut milks, complementing earthy notes of tea without overpowering more delicate flavour tea blends. Its natural subtle sweetness is not too sweet; which can also be a problem with many plant-based milks. MYOM helps bring out the flavours of darker, oxidised brews, particularly those with a deep aroma and bold, nutty flavour.

MYOM Original Oat is the perfect choice to swap in 1:1 to get your perfect tea colour. We like ours milky, how do you take yours?

Join the MYOM movement.

MYOM is about the joy of daily rituals, those moments that don’t cost much but mean a lot. That first coffee of the day. The post-workout protein-shake. Waking up to crunchie cereal or warming up with a hot brew.

If you have an eye on looking after yourself and the planet, try MYOM Original Oat; it is not only delicious, smooth and creamy but extremely versatile and super easy to use. Don’t take our word for it, pick up a pouch of MYOM Original Oat and try it for yourself. 

Sarah is an award-winning food product developer who has over 25 years’ experience working in both retail and own-brand new product development.  She is passionate about developing recipes that not only taste great but are good for both the consumer and the planet.

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