Meet the MYOM team

Photo of Mike Curtis on a blue background

Mike Curtis


Mike is MYOM’s founder and leader. With 25 years design and marketing experience for high growth global consumer brands, such as Virgin, Adidas, Samsung and others, Mike has the right experience to drive MYOM to commercial success in UK and internationally.

Photo of Richard Pennycook on a blue background

Richard Pennycook CBE


Former Morrisons CFO and Co-operative Group CEO, in 2017 Richard became Chairman of The Hut Group. In 2016 he received The Retail Leader of the Year award and was appointed CBE in 2020.

Photo of Matthew Farrow on a blue background

Matthew Farrow


Big 4, high growth CFO with accelerated growth and exit experience - VC, PE and UK/Int IPOs LSE, AIM, Euronext with exit valuations between £100m to £240m. An expert in tech enabled services and an investor in sustainability start-ups.

Photo of Sarah King on a blue background

Sarah King


Food and drinks NPD specialist, with over 20 years of experience across retail and supply side for Ella’s Kitchen, Huel, Innocent, Pack’d, Nestlé, M&S and many others. Sarah has a passion for creating strong brands with a purpose, and upscaling them commercially.

Photo of James Kydd on a blue background

James Kydd


One of the UK’s top marketing brains with an enviable reputation as Virgin’s chief marketer responsible for Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Mobile and Virgin Media. A consumer brand start-up expert, James launched Purplebricks and advises TravelLocal amongst many others.

Photo of James Williams on a blue background

James Williams


Former Coca-Cola VP with 16 years’ experience leading strategic planning for Coca Cola brand experiences including London and Tokyo Olympics. Focused on leading transformation across the Coca-Cola system, adhering to evolving consumer, social and political demands.


Meet the founder. Mike Curtis.

Mike Curtis founded the brand and digital agency Start, where for almost a quarter century he worked with clients like Virgin, Adidas and Samsung and specialised in building challenger brands. After years of growing Start in Europe, Asia and the Middle East and spending so much time abroad, the time came for a rethink.

‘There’s nothing more rewarding than working with great clients and talented people to deliver top-tier creativity. But along the way, I started to think about all the regions we’d travelled through or settled in, and it struck me, the level of waste I’d witnessed first-hand in global food production and supply chain was just absurd. I couldn’t stop thinking about it’.

Food provision was clearly overdue an overhaul and looking back to the UK, a new mission took hold.

Back on home soil

In a sense it’s a story that comes full circle, the agricultural landscape is familiar one. Mike’s family has a farm in Yorkshire, so there is a lot of empathy for UK farmers and an understanding of the challenges that all farmers face, especially in light of climate concerns and changing consumer demands.

And yet, with so many brilliant disruptive innovations happening in the food space, it seemed like the perfect time to revisit some of the more traditional ways of doing things and having a closer look at the whole food distribution system. His attention turned to plant milk – for sure a great dairy alternative, but far from perfect when you consider packaging and chill-chain distribution.

The plant milk revolution appeared to stop at the farm gate. It just didn’t seem to make sense to ship a product which is mostly water around the place given the cost, both financial and environmental. But of course, dairy established the distribution system that most plant-based milk brands follow. And with so many owned by dairy groups, it’s easy to see why they might default to using existing packaging and delivery methods.

So began an intense phase of research, listening and learning and pulling together a team of experts in their fields – nutritionists, food scientists, packaging specialists and a core group of former colleagues and clients. All enlisted to help bring an ambitious idea to life – a ‘no compromise’ oat milk with a simple but radical difference – water is added at home to lighten the load all round.

‘We’re not activists but we are acting with conviction. MYOM is about building on all the good work so far and brings something new and exciting to the table’