Make Your Own...

MYOM stands for something. But it stands for way more than that.


Photo of MYOM oat milk in a glass ready to drink

The oat is mighty

And oat milk is mightier still. There’s just something wonderfully versatile about it, not just that it has a clean and quite delicious flavour but that it’s naturally sweet and has a silkiness similar to cow’s milk. Our oat milk is an outsize performer and we’re really excited for you to taste it.

Never settle for second best

Too often plant-based means settling for some sort of compromise. Meaning that while popular, people often feel that they pay more. Or perhaps the taste isn’t great. Or it is not as good for you as it should be. From the outset we decided that MYOM would be an exception.


Taste good? Really really good. Great value? For sure. Good for you? Absolutely. And the planet? Way better than cow’s milk, much better than ready to drink plant milks.

MYOM eliminates waste, excess packaging and the need to keep things cold as it’s shipped from here to there. In fact, our pouches are post-able so we can deliver your milk straight to your door.  Just order on demand. It’s simple. MYOM is the best-in-glass, no compromise oat milk. It wins on taste, price, health and is a more conscious choice for people.

Nothing beats British ingenuity

That restless spirit. That drive to invent, then reinvent. Will we ever rest? Probably not.

But of all the foods, in all the world, we feel passionately that milk is worth our attention. Because with near universal appeal and growing worldwide demand, cleaning up our act - on all kinds of milk – is vital. As a kitchen essential for so many millions of people on every continent, the methods we use to make and deliver it have such an outsize impact, there’s a great opportunity here.  We can make our love of milk much cleaner.

MYOM product make your own milk

Waste, is a crying shame

Turns out that while plant milks solve many of the issues dairy milk struggles with – from the staggering volume of methane and nitrous oxide produced by cows to the need for so much water and land to feed and maintain livestock – they’re not perfect. It mostly comes down to the energy use and emissions involved in processing, packing and transport. And since one in every six pints is poured down the drain in the UK, the sheer volume of spilled milk is worth crying over.

Photo of two people drinking MYOM milk

Milk. It’s emotional

Not just because it’s the perfect food, with just the right nutritional balance, but it’s more than that. It’s about the joy of the daily ritual, those moments that don’t cost much but mean a lot. That first coffee of the day. The post-workout protein-shake. Waking up to crunchie cereal, warming up with hot chocolate. No other food is such a staple; if we’re lucky, it’s every day of the year, every day of our lives. It says, I got you. Now go out and face the world.

When we gathered our friends and family together to try our first batch of MYOM, we got pretty excited. When they raved about the taste, we raised a glass of MYOM to celebrate.

MYOM is the non-dairy-lactose-free-plant-based-oat-blend. It’s a mouthful, but in a good way.