A more sustainable alternative

Welcome to MYOM, one of the most sustainable milk alternatives in the world. We’ve slashed emissions, cut transport costs, and saved water. And in MYOM, we’ve created a creamy blend of oats that’s delicious, nutritious, and kinder to Planet Earth. It’s great value too.

Cows milk leaves a huge environmental footprint - from the large quantities of climate-heating methane made by cow’s waste, to the CO2 emitted by keeping it cold, not to mention yet more CO2 emitted by transporting a heavy product from one place to another.

Ready to drink plant-milks may have improved the methane and nitrous oxide issue but not the CO2 problem. MYOM goes further to solve both. Because with MYOM, you make it at home, rather than at a factory. Why lug all that liquid around the country on diesel trucks, when all the water you need for your milk is piped straight to your home anyway?

photo of MYOM milk in a glass

Milk for humankind

It’s time to change the milk story, to bring something exciting to the table, something intuitively better for ourselves, our families and the home we call our planet.

Honestly, enough of the bovine methane burping. Enough of all those diesel-cooled truckloads being hauled around the country. And just think of all the waste that comes from throwing away out of date product.

It’s time to choose taste, not waste. Let’s shake things up a little.

Choose MYOM

How does MYOM help lighten the load?

We’re taking the plant-based promise all the way home by eliminating weight and cost at every step along the way.  Here are just a few ways life gets better by getting your dairy-free milk in a MYOM pouch.

Save time

Order online on demand or by subscription and get delivery straight to your door (just like it used to be)

Save space

In the cupboard and fridge - use only what you need when you need it

Save money

MYOM is excellent value

Save health

Enjoy a tasty oat drink low in sugar and high in calcium

Less water, less energy, less packaging, less waste and fewer emissions.

Save your back

It’s 2023, why carry the weight?

Photo of two people drinking MYOM milk

Milk for our tomorrows

Modern life calls for a modern milk. One that meets our needs and can be made when we want. One that tastes great with other things and is delicious to drink all by itself. MYOM is there exactly when you need it. It arrives with your mail and goes with you on holiday*. From the farm to your family, it is kinder to our planet, but packs a punch in the kitchen. Some say it’s a disruptor. But we see it as restoring much-needed balance.

Can it replace other milks? We’d say so. Try it and tell us if you agree.