MYOM Oatnog

MYOM Oatnog

The festive season is upon us, and we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than with some seriously rich, comforting oat milk eggnog we call MYOM Oatnog. Let us show you how easy it is to make MYOM Oatnog in a blender, naturally sweetened and perfect for friends and family in the run up to Christmas and beyond!

Eggnog and Oatnog – what’s the difference?

Eggnog is a rich, seasonal drink traditionally made with eggs, milk, sugar, nutmeg, and rum.

Our version, however, is a little different. MYOM Oatnog is dairy-free, has no egg, is naturally sweetened with nutty maple syrup, and subtly spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg.

How to Make 1l of MYOM Oatnog?

Makes 6 servings

We are taking on the classic Eggnog! Forget whipping eggs and sugar, and then stirring in milk and/or whipping cream, rum, and nutmeg … heating …. chilling … serving…….

Make our super delicious MYOM Oatnog using a blender or if you fancy a warm one use a coffee frothing machine.  Nothing fancy… we keep it simple.

For best flavour and texture, we recommend…

  1.   2 pouches of MYOM Original Oat Blend
  2.   900ml water (or 700ml if you want to make 4 extra creamy ones!)
  3.   1 tablespoon (15g) of maple syrup for a nutty sweetness
  4.   1 teaspoon (5g) of ground nutmeg – we used freshly ground for the extra  aromatic signature notes you know and recognise in eggnog.
  5.   1 teaspoon (5g) of cinnamon for that Christmas twist
  6.   A pinch of ground cloves for a more intense taste (optional)
  7.   1 teaspoon (5ml) of Vanilla Extract - to bring the sweetness and spice together.
  8.   Rum - Optional of course, but it will warm you up! About 2 shots for 1l should do it…

Deliciously chilled version:

  1.   For this version the best way is to first froth the milk giving you that extra creamy feel.
  2.   Blend the MYOM Original Oat Blend with your chosen amount of ice-cold water for 90 seconds or until the lovely froth appears.
  3.   Add all the syrups and spices – blend for a further 30 seconds more.
  4.   Add the Rum to your taste.
  5.   Serve in chilled glasses if enjoying cold with a fresh dusting of nutmeg on top.

For a Winter Warming version:

  1.   Follow the on-pack instructions to make MYOM Original Oat Blend in a bottle or blender (adding less water for a creamier drink)
  2.  Transfer to your coffee frother and gentler froth until you have a lovely warm foam.
  3.   Add all the syrups and spices – froth for a further 30 seconds more.
  4.   Add the Rum to your taste.
  5.   Serve in your favourite seasonal glass with a fresh dusting of nutmeg.

What does MYOM Oatnog taste like?

MYOM Oatnog tastes like a melted festive ice-cream, rich and creamy with subtle hint of warming spices. A hit of Run makes it extra warming if you prefer but it is not necessary.

MYOM Oatnog alcohol options.

Traditionally eggnog is made with rum or brandy, but we have found MYOM Oat Nog works well with a range of dairy-free liqueurs:

  • Liquid Oats Vegan Cream Liqueur.
  • Dirty Cow Plant Based Vegan Dairy Free Cre*m Liqueur.
  • Koko Kanu – Jamaican Coconut Rum.
  • Veroni Amaretto Cream.
  • Kahlua Dairy Free Coffee Liqueur.

Why you’ll love MYOM Oatnog.

  • It saves you money.
  • You can choose the sweetener you like best.
  • You can control how sweet you want to make it.
  • It’s rich, creamy, and frothy!
  • There’s no need to hunt for vegan eggnog or go to a specialty store to find it.
  • You can spike it with a little rum for festive cheer or make it sans-alcohol!

MYOM Oatnog makes the perfect drink to share with friends and family over the festive season… And it’s great for the whole family since alcohol is totally optional!

To download the recipe, click HERE.

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