MYOM Oat Milk: Downsize without downsides

MYOM Oat Milk: Downsize without downsides


The global plant-based milk market has seen phenomenal growth in recent decades, and among the alternatives, oat milk has emerged the clear favourite. With its creamy texture, subtle sweetness and versatility, it’s captured the hearts of dairy-free consumers around the world.

To begin with, oat milk offers a range of benefits which appeal to health-conscious people. Often fortified, oat milk tends to be rich in essential nutrients like calcium, fibre, vitamins and minerals, plus the lactose-free/ nut-free status make it the go-to for those with intolerances.

Another vital consideration is environmental – oats need far less water and land compared to dairy and plant-based sources like say, almonds or rice. Also, oat crops have a lower carbon footprint, making oat milk the more sustainable choice. By opting for oat milk, you’re making an active decision to reduce water and land use, deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions.

In terms of price, the easy availability and comparatively simple production process of oat milk makes it more affordable than other plant-based options. So choosing the sustainable option brings cost advantage, when so often the reverse holds true. Oats are awesome. Yet there is more to the equation.

As we navigate toward a more sustainable future, we have to consider the wider impact our precious daily milk rituals have on the environment. We know oat milk is better than dairy, but production is only one part of the story. When we get our oat milk in cartons, we are making the same costly compromise as before –shipping heavy liquids (often refrigerated) via truck all over the country – in the UK alone that’s a hefty 15 billion litres a year. 

Over the horizon

Here at MYOM, we started from scratch with a fresh approach. We wanted to bring something exciting to the table and in doing so, bring the benefits all the way home. We’ve developed an elegant solution which eliminates weight and cost at every step along the way. Less water, packaging and waste - and fewer emissions. Why now? Because global demand is huge and we’ve found a much more efficient way of giving people the oat milk they love in a better way for each other and the planet long-term. It’s a quiet revolution.

Crucially, MYOM is a liquid premix and stands apart from oat milk powders as it’s made with authentic and sustainable ingredients – a premix blend of oats with added calcium, vitamins and minerals which is made fresh every time by adding water at home. 

Ultimately, taste is the decider. MYOM is creamy and delicious with a smooth texture and subtle sweetness ideal for flat whites, pancakes, protein shakes or just to drink on its own.


As the demand for dairy alternatives continues to rise and oat milk consolidates its stature as the milk of choice, MYOM answers a growing but insistent new chorus from the more conscious consumer.

It answers neatly an almost impossible list of conditions – nutritional value, lighter footprint, cost advantage and above all, delicious taste. The simple act of choosing MYOM from among the options has a cumulative, and wonderful impact. At MYOM, we are downsizing oat milk without any downsides.

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