Create The Perfect Foam Every Time with MYOM oat Milk

Create The Perfect Foam Every Time with MYOM oat Milk

Creating the perfect foam with MYOM oat milk for your coffee can be a bit different than using dairy milk, but with the right techniques, you can achieve a creamy and delicious result. 

MYOM ORIGINAL OAT fits perfectly in any cupboard and doesn't require refrigeration. With its long shelf life, you'll never run out of oat drink again. Making MYOM ORIGINAL OAT is incredibly simple. Just squeeze, add cold water, shake, and you'll have a bottle of delicious, full-bodied oat drink with a fabulous taste and silky texture. Once prepared, MYOM ORIGINAL OAT becomes the coolest item in your fridge.

Whether you're making coffee at home or in a café, mastering the art of milk steaming is essential for creating perfect lattes and other espresso beverages.

Even if you’ve perfected your steaming technique, switching to a different type of milk can make it seem like you have to learn everything from scratch.

Here's a step-by-step guide to help you create the perfect oat milk foam.

What You'll Need to Create the Perfect Foam

  • 1 cup of MYOM oat milk 
  • Espresso machine with a steam wand, or a stand-alone milk steamer
  • Stainless steel frothing pitcher
  • Thermometer (optional)
  • Coffee or espresso

Steps to Create the Perfect Oat Milk Foam

Prepare the Steamer

Purge your steam wand or steamer to ensure it's clean and fully heated.

Pour and Position

  • Pour MYOM oat milk into the stainless steel frothing pitcher, filling it up to about a third of its capacity.
  • Position the steam wand tip just below the surface of the milk, near the side of the pitcher.

Start Steaming

  • Turn on the steam wand and keep the tip just below the milk surface for a few seconds to introduce air. You should hear a slight hissing sound.
  • Lower the tip slightly into the milk and angle it towards the centre of the pitcher to create a whirlpool effect. This helps incorporate the microfoam evenly.

Avoid Large Air Pockets

Keep the tip submerged at all times to prevent large air bubbles, which can ruin the texture.

Steady Heating

Continue steaming until the milk reaches 149°F (65°C). If you don't have a thermometer, aim for the milk to feel hot to the touch but not unbearable.

Turn Off the Steamer:

Turn off the steam wand before removing it from the milk to avoid splattering.

Final Touches:

  • Tap the frothing pitcher on the counter to break any large bubbles.
  • Swirl the milk gently to create a smooth, silky texture.

    Pour the Milk:

    Immediately pour the steamed oat milk into your brewed coffee or espresso, starting from a higher point and lowering the pitcher as you pour to create latte art, if desired.

    Tips for Success:

    • Use MYOM Oat Milk 
    • Maintain Consistent Temperature: Avoid overheating to prevent thickening and curdling.
    • Pour Quickly: Oat milk separates quickly, so pour immediately after steaming and swirling.

    Enjoy your perfectly frothed MYOM oat milk coffee!

    Modern life calls for a modern milk. One that meets our needs and can be made when we want. One that tastes great and creates the perfect coffee but is also delicious to drink all by itself. 

    MYOM is there exactly when you need it. It arrives with your mail and goes with you on holiday. From the farm to your family, it is kinder to our planet, but packs a punch in the kitchen. Some say it’s a disruptor. But we see it as restoring much-needed balance.

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